Why Makeup Classes are Crucial for Makeup Artistry Development

While you may do your own makeup impeccably well, and may have even received numerous compliments for doing your friend’s makeup for her date – but becoming a professional makeup artist requires a lot more in-depth training and field experience than you think! The foundation of any quality makeup artist starts with the root of essential knowledge; from studying various facial anatomies, corrective techniques, ethnic studies to learning about the different dynamics of eye shapes. Additionally, if you’ve personally decided to venture into the niche of bridal makeup artistry, this will require more than just basic makeup application. Doing a bride’s makeup for her big day is a lot more laborious than doing a friend’s makeup for the night – it requires special techniques and education on how to achieve long-lasting makeup as well as which cosmetic products/ingredients are best suited for sweat-resistance, especially when it comes to photography. By attending our makeup classes you will be equipped with both knowledge and experience to help you conquer and excel in your career as a professional makeup artist.




You will be provided with a solid understanding of basic beauty fundamentals including skin care, corrective techniques and glamour make-up application.

Get ready to learn the basics of professional etiquette, hygiene, anatomy, skin care, colour theory, face and eye shapes, corrective techniques, day applications, evening and glamour applications, ethnic studies, mature applications, era make-up and men’s make-up.



You will learn the process and the etiquette of bridal consultations, rates, negotiations, and other procedures as well as bridal make-up for day, evening and ethnic weddings. This module includes wedding styles, cultural differences and a brief introduction to photography and lighting.